Conquer the cold with cosiness and a winter-proof home!


Since a few weeks we can feel winter has arrived. At night temperatures drop below zero, cars start up with difficulty and blankets are brought out. But winter also comes with a cosy atmosphere and beautiful winter landscapes. But we forget a very important factor during this cold period: getting the house ready for the winter!

We list the most important points of attention for you. With proper preparation, you can avoid unpleasant surprises. This way, no one has to suffer from the cold and your energy costs do not skyrocket.

Tips for keeping warm

  • Ventilate the radiators in time with a venting key. If the pressure in the expansion vessel is too low, air will enter the installation. This creates noise and corrosion and reduces the maximum efficiency of the heating system.
  • Cover the back of the heater with radiator foil. This way the heat is not sent to the wall but into the room. This makes it warmer and saves energy.
  • Carry out the mandatory two-yearly boiler maintenance. Maintenance is not only mandatory but also ensures more efficient operation of the system.
  • Make sure the house is well insulated. 25% of heat and energy is lost through the roof. As of 2020, the insulation of your home will be compulsory in Flanders. Have a certified installer carry out the work and take advantage of the contributions.

Tips for saving energy and costs

  • Use energy-efficient lighting. LED or energy-saving bulbs use only 10% of the electricity to generate the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb.
  • Insulate outdoor taps with a foam cover. Taps are very sensitive to frost. Protect them or shut them off before the water pipes freeze and burst.
  • Make sure all fire detectors are working properly. Fireplaces are used more often during the winter. It is the epitome of cosiness but a chimney fire is less fun. Have these cleaned in time by a professional.

Keeping your home sealed to keep as much heat in as possible and to reduce costs is all well and good, but good ventilation keeps your home fresh and healthy. Dry air also heats up quicker than damp air. Just so you know. So opening the window now and then is a good idea!

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